Why Women’s Drug Rehabilitation is A Good Choice

Willow Place on May 26, 2016
Why Women’s Drug Rehabilitation is A Good Choice

You’ll hear a lot of female addicts say things like: “i don’t get along with other girls”, or “All my friends have always been guys”. Sometimes those thought are so ingrained that an addict may balk at the idea of going to a women’s drug rehabilitation. The truth is that being in a facility that caters specifically to females is incredibly important, and can provide the environment you need to get healthy.

Women’s Drug Rehab Specializes in Women

Forget gender-equality and all that for a minute. Women and men are different, and in addiction treatment they need to be treated as such. Female addicts have a slew of things that differentiate their experience from a male’s. We tend to have different ways of dealing with our emotions, and being in a women’s-only facility can help bring those out.

The specialists at women’s centers have generally been in your shoes, and they know how emotional aspects of addiction can cloud judgement and make things much worse. As women, we deal with additional losses, especially if we have children, and society views female addicts in a different light.

The Differences in Female and Male Addiction

Female drug and alcohol addicts are much more vulnerable than men. Being impaired puts us at a much bigger risk for traumatizing events to occur, such as rape and assault, and these kinds of things can only worsen our addictions. The shame, guilt, and fear of such an event leads to greater feelings of wanting to numb out pain, and thus a vicious cycle begins.

A large number of female addicts unfortunately turn to prostitution as a way to make money for their habit. This isashville-group-6 an issue unique to women and can result in unwanted pregnancy, diseases, and feelings of worthlessness. All of this needs to be addressed in a woman’s facility while undergoing treatment.

The Benefits of Woman’s Drug Rehabilitation.

Going to a gender-specific drug rehab will have a number of benefits for you. First and foremost, any kind of temptation to put on a certain facade for a member of the opposite sex will be eliminated. Throw the need to impress out the window, and we can get back to what is really important – focusing on you.

There is a level of nurturing and comfort in this kind of environment that you cannot achieve elsewhere. It’s usually hard for women to discuss personal issues and traumas in front of men, so in a co-ed rehab they may not even get brought up and addressed. In truth, these kinds of things are one of the most important things to shed light on while in rehab, because if the root causes of addiction aren’t identified, it will be that much harder to stay sober once treatment is over.

Finally, you’ll be with your peers. You will be surrounded by women who have most likely been through similar things that you have. You can share stories, advice, and be a shoulder to lean on for one another. The bonds created will be strong and the advice of people who have been in your shoes is priceless.

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